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The Genesis Order is the most recent installment in the NLT tale, which started with the Lust Pandemic and went on to include Nadia’s Treasure before ending in 2021 and starting a new chapter. The game has several fresh faces, including 13 new women! In TGO, you take on the role of a young detective who is attempting to make the most of his enthusiasm for making a career, solving crimes, and meeting attractive ladies. The intricate plot develops with all the unexpected turns you might anticipate from an NLT game.

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More About The Genesis Order:-

When playing Lust Pandemic, you take the role of Brad, a student at East State University, as a storm unexpectedly sweeps through the city. Discover hidden treasures by exploring the campus’s eerie and historic surroundings. Come revel in some sexual pleasure with some stunning girls! The sequel to Ultimate Pandemic is Nadia’s Treasure. In Nadia’s Treasure, you can play as a young man who aspires to become a well-known treasure hunter in order to carry on the legacy of your recently deceased father. You’ll travel with 12 female business members!

The NLT Saga, which begins with the Lust Epidemic, continues with Nadia’s Treasure, and concludes in 2021 with The Genesis Order, has a new chapter, entitled The Genesis Order MOD APK. 13 new women are among the game’s both recognizable and unfamiliar faces. As a young investigator in Genesis, you must solve crimes and date attractive ladies in order to survive. As you may anticipate from an NLT game, a complicated storyline develops with numerous unexpected turns.

What is The Genesis Order?

A popular Android application for Android phones and other devices is called The Genesis Order. A fantastic engineer produced, distributed, and updated the game. Order of Genesis chronicles the exploits of a private investigator who must handle intricate and intertwined situations. The main character visits numerous crime locations and speaks with witnesses. Over 13 female characters can be encountered along the road, and the protagonist can interact with them and have intimate encounters with them. 

The game is created as a visual novel with interactive interactions that can affect user events. The Genesis Order Mod Apk Sim allows you to customize your home’s interior by purchasing furniture and other interior accents from a store. In order to live and furnish your home, just as in real life, you will need to work.

 Make critical choices for your characters and lead them to victory. The Human Origins Order is what the application’s name suggests. In order to be more precise, it is a tactic in which decisions are made with an eye on the future.

Outstanding Features of The Genesis Order Mod Apk:-

  • Game gestures for Android’s Ren’Py
  • Just swipe down to reveal the UI.
  • To continue, swipe left.
  • Swipe right to post a message Swipe twice left or right to access the game menu
  • To reveal a little window with details on memory usage, swipe up or down.
  • To delete this slot, click and hold the thumbnail of the save file on the Save/Load screen.

How to download and install The Genesis Order Mod Apk?

If you don’t know how to download The Genesis Order Mod Apk to your smartphone, refer to the steps below:

  • On the “Settings” menu, select “Unknown Sources.”
  • For Android, get The Genesis Order (F95).
  • Simply click the downloaded file.
  • Give all necessary permissions before tapping “Install.”
  • Await the installation procedure’ conclusion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Genesis Order Mod Apk:-


  • The application is protected and secure.
  • Both installing and using the application are easy.
  • Ads from outside sources are not offered.
  • Use and download are both free.
  • There is no requirement to register for the app.


  • They won’t essentially update themselves.
  • Google does not constantly validate them.
  • The design isn’t really innovative.
  • Slow internet is not suitable for it.

Download Information:-

File Name The Genesis Mod Apk
version 35072 
File type Apk
File size 276 MB
Developer  NLT Media
Requirement  Android 5 and up


With the help of commonly asked questions, we have attempted to adequately describe The Genesis Order MOD APK in this article. Once you’ve read over all the points, it will be simple to understand each component of the personal device. We can conclude that the Genesis Order is the only application in the world of Apk entertainment to have such a vast array of excellent features. Therefore, feel free to download the app and tell your family, friends, and coworkers about it. I appreciate your presence.